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Texas Eagle Forum is part of the grassroots to educate, motivate and activate its members as well as grow that membership across the state so that we can raise our voices and our votes for strong conservative and morally bound principles. We encourage members to study the issues that they are concerned about and offer a variety of avenues in this area be it some of our chapters that hold monthly meetings with dynamic subject matter experts delivering important and timely messages to a leadership preparing themselves and speaking to groups around the state. We at TEF don’t want to just overload you with facts and fears, no, we want to equip you and encourage you to find that place in local, state or federal government and rally your friends and neighbors to get involved with you. That is where the action takes place and your voice is heard and you will make a difference!

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Our blog is written by President Trayce Bradford and guest bloggers. Keeping you informed and up to date on all things Texas Eagle Forum and providing a place for you to feel educated, equipped, and energized to take action and make a change in the great state of Texas. You can sort by tags/topics.

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