Our Values & Top Issues

13227364_1199538180056768_3635874826098368110_oTexas Eagle Forum is rooted and grounded in biblical principles and values as well as protecting the pillars of limited government and liberty in our constitutions both within our nation and our state.

TEF members are compelled by virtue of those foundational underpinnings to approach our mission and our goals with bold and unwavering commitment. We will work diligently to see that we, as a state, uphold social and fiscally conservative values. We want to always support the family- as the core beginning of all government and we want to always fight for LIFE – from conception to the grave.

We believe that these goals can be accomplished with graciousness and respect to all those we encounter. We will continue to pray daily to our God and not be shy to speak of our faith. In so doing, we hope to honor that very faith by creating an environment in this great state of Texas that promotes self-governance, is liberty focused, law abiding, and with a forward vision toward the next generations of Texans.

We believe boundaries are valuable and necessary parts of our homes and are important for our cities, our state, and our nation.

Protecting the Texas Electrical Grid

13268561_1199583153385604_7958023255062457646_oWe work on a number of issues that deal with protecting Texas. We work with a number of subject matter experts on issues such securing our states borders and our infrastructure beginning with the protecting the Texas electrical grid. Last March we helped host a two-day symposium with Senator Bob Hall that was well attended and we are making headway on this topic as we go into the next legislative session. To watch sessions from the symposium check out the link below.

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Texas Fiscal Responsibility

Texas Eagle Forum believes prudent and wise stewarding of a state’s finances determines much in the direction that state will be headed. Either we will head toward a Nanny Texas or we will push toward a self-governing Texas. We have signed onto the conservative budget coalition with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and will continue to advocate for a conservative and fiscally responsible budget.

You can see the document here:


American Law for American Courts

ALAC (American Law for American Courts) has been a priority for us the last several sessions and it will continue to be this session. The purpose of ALAC is to preserve the sovereignty of the US and Texas and their respective Constitutions by preventing the encroachment of foreign laws and legal systems that run counter to our individual constitutional liberties and freedoms.
We had an interim hearing on September 14th and if you are interested to see the progress we are making on this issue, you can see the archives here: tlchouse.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=37&clip_id=12221

Other Top Issues for Texas Eagle Forum:

  • Pro-LIFE – We will always, always fight for life! Life is a gift and valued from conception to natural death.
  • Defending Texas – Safeguarding constitution rights for all of her citizens is a priority to us. Whether through education or legislation, we will work to make sure this is a reality through ALAC, Andy’s Law, or securing our infrastructure such as the Grid.
  • Religious Liberties – Freedom of religion – not from religion. Right of conscience extends beyond the pews and we will work alongside those that value these critical and core rights.
  • Improving Education – Education is a gift and a tool, but parents must not be removed from being the leading decision makers in this process.
  • Ending Sex Trafficking – Slavery in any form must not be tolerated. Sex trafficking is a wicked and real problem that must be addressed and needs the answers that come from churches, the local and state leaders and educated citizens.
  • Border Security & Immigration Reform – Citizenship is a privilege and an obligation. Open borders are unrealistic and a burden that will lead to a weaker nation. A nation can be and should be compassionate and law abiding- these are not mutually exclusive.
  • Second Amendment – Texas Eagle Forum continues to stand in firm support of our Second Amendment rights and those rights to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
  • Financial Stewardship – We want to make sure our government officials are wise stewards of our state’s finances as well as making sure taxes remain low which encourages fiscal growth for our citizens and our states and more opportunities for Texas citizens.
  • Property Rights – Educating Texans and make sure their voices are heard regarding the rate of property taxes in our state is a top priority. We want to see the safeguarding of property rights be a top priority of our elected officials.
  • Protecting the 10th Amendment – The founders knew the health of a nation was found in the government of the people, by the people and for the people. States’ rights provide an important checks and balance to a runaway federal government.
  • Healthcare Reform – Texans don’t need nor does the majority want Obamacare. There must be a climate for competing ideals in this arena that leads to a healthy market for the consumer to invest in their own health care.