2020 Primary Voter Guides

Want some help choosing the best candidates in the Republican Primary? The following links are from groups we partner with on many of the issues we work on. We are like-minded about almost everything. Each group works in a more specialized area, but all relate to the conservative and pro-family issues we follow for Texans. I personally support all the propositions on this ballot. Some find #9 confusing, so please read it carefully. **Remember that you cannot use your phone in polling locations so print out or hand-write your choices.**

Texas Eagle Forum, Cindi Castilla: President

GRASSROOTS AMERICA: https://bit.ly/2uwHclq
EMPOWER TEXANS: https://bit.ly/3c3nP48
TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE: https://bit.ly/3bY0ZuO
TEXAS VALUES ACTION: https://bit.ly/37NG22h

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