The Torch – February 2019

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” (Equal Rights Amendment, Section I) True to history, unprecedented violence and perversion has replaced God in our defiled land. Once a shining city on a hill, the land of the free and home of the brave has increasingly resorted back to the brutal darkness of paganism…

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February 2019 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

This month, Bunni Pounds, TEF consultant, and I are writing this letter for our president, Trayce Bradford, whose Mom passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. Please pray for the Bradford family and the comfort of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Representing Texas Eagle Forum, Bunni and I went down for the swearing in of the Texas legislators and the inauguration of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. What a full and exciting two weeks it was!

On January 7th, again representing Texas Eagle Forum, we joined with the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network in a time of prayer…

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The Top 5 – January 28, 2019

This week, I made a trip down to Austin and met with our legislators around their offices – meeting about the issues where we all want to see change this session. I love looking at the Texas Capitol and realizing that we are making a difference in this place together. Our team has been down to Austin every week – th last three weeks. 

Here are the items that we want you to pay attention to this week.

1. Attacks on Religious Freedom and Free Speech

Keep your eyes and ears open for attacks on religious freedom and free speech. There are several bills filed in the Texas Legislature that we are watching closely concerning religious freedom for small business owners, charitable organizations, and contractors with the state. Here is a great video by CBN on this issue.

2. Conservative Texas Budget Priorities

Texas Eagle Forum signed on to a press release from the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition back last September and we will be speaking up about the budget all during this session.

The statement says – “Today at the Texas Capitol, the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition announced its top priorities including limiting any spending growth to population growth plus inflation. For the 2020-21 budget year that would be an all funds appropriation of $234.1 billion.
Other budget priorities include: approve conservative spending limits, provide local property tax relief, abolish the business margins tax, adopt a tax relief fund, and secure budget transparency and accountability.”

My comment was this: “We understand that one of the hallmarks of liberty is the freedom to steward our finances, which we expect elected officials to pass a budget that vigilantly manages our resources. The Texas Eagle Forum is a group based on faith and strong families that is encouraging legislators to practically spend on essential items while boldly cutting expenses on ineffective programs.”

You can read the full statement here. 

Call your legislators and tell them that you want your property taxes lowered and that you want them to consider the Texas Public Policy Foundation Plan. You can read about it here and calculate your savings. 

3. Texas House Committee Assignments

Committees were assigned this week on the House side which means the real work now begins. Check out the House committees here and see how you can speak into your legislators’ lives on the issues that they will be focused on every day in their committees. Remember that your legislators and their staff only have so many hours in the day so when there is an issue where you can bring your wisdom or ideas beside them, it is so helpful to push our great state forward. 

4. Prayer for our Statewide Officials

We are always going to ask you to pray for our elected officials, but today let’s focus on our statewide elected officials, like our Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and our Railroad Commissioners – Wayne Christian, Christi Craddick, and Ryan Sitton. 

Here is a beautiful story of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick visiting a young high school senior in McKinney, TX who is battling brain cancer. Let’s continue to pray that our statewide elected officials represent us and our values well. 

5. New York’s Latest Pro-Abortion Legislation

In closing, I wanted to share a response from my dear friend and prayer partner, Rebecca Berry, to the horrible vote taken by New York legislators last week to allow abortions up til birth. For a full view of what this law allows in New York, read this. It was devastating to watch people cheering, clapping and even lighting up the Freedom Tower to honor this soul-less vote. This response by my friend, Rebecca, is worth your time to read and please stand with us in prayer and action.“So here are my thoughts on New York’s latest abortion legislation: I see a massive opening for the church to set up houses for women and baby rescue centers. I see people holding signs in Time Square and mass advertising on jumbo screens of where these women can find love and support. Where sin abounds; grace abounds even more. This promise will be capitalized and decreed. I see dispatched angels rerouting the oppressed toward deliverance. I see churches upping their level of engagement. Squads of believers taking to the streets offering hope. Going back to creation, God said – let there be… and it was so, and life abounded, I now decree “let there be life” over New York. The abortion industry has awakened a sleeping giant. The odds are against them because in our kingdom, one can put a 1000 to flight and two can put 10,000.”We continue to stand for LIFE and Liberty. 

Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

The Top 5 – January 21, 2019

Greetings Eagles!

First of all – Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Let’s pause for a moment to remember what a great man of God he was and how he impacted our country for good. Thankful for his life. 

Well, the Texas Legislative Session is underway. Senate committees have been assigned and it looks like the House committees will be close behind. 

This session will have a strong focus on property tax reform and school finance reform – including an increase in teacher’s pay according to the statements made by Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick last week at their inaugurations. We are hopeful we will also see the security grid issue addressed, as well as a several other items that liberty loving patriots are interested in. 

Each Monday we will bring you at least five action items for that week.  As the session progresses these items will become much more specific and more time sensitive.

Let’s get started for the week of January 21st:

1.   Contact your State Senator and State Representative

If you have not already done so, it’s a great idea to reach out to both your state senator and your state representative.  If you don’t know who represents you in Austin, click here.  Introduce yourself via email, personal card, phone call or office visit locally or if you are in Austin stop by their office there. Introduce yourself to their staff. Texas Eagle Forum suggests doing this even if you are on different sides of issues or even parties. This helps them know they are being held accountable but also gives them an idea of those that are engaged and care about what happens in their district and their state.

2.   Pray for your Legislators

The Texas Legislature only meets bi-annually, so they have a lot to get done and accomplish. Pray for each of them, their families and their staff.  Here is a place to get scripture and ideas for praying for your leaders.

3. Get Set Up on Texas Legislature Online

This is the most important website for the legislative session:

You can find information you need regarding the legislators that represent you, what legislation they are authoring or working on, and the legislation you want to learn more about. You can also sign up to follow bills as they progress (or not). There are maps of the capitol which can be quite helpful for visitors to the capitol as well as information on the process of a bill through the Texas legislature.  I love the feature that alerts me to any new movement of bills I am watching. Create an account and join us for the fun. 

4. Look Over Legislation that Interests You

This is so important – please take the time to look over the legislation that interests you, that you want to follow, work on, and share.  It is so important for you to know what is in that bill and not look to the media or others on social media to provide that information.  Many times misinformation gets spread and we end up fighting a fight over an issue that never needed to happen.  Sometimes this is intentional by those trying to kill legislation but sometimes it comes from “friends” that are passing along information that is incorrect.  If you have questions. ask someone in your legislator’s office or look to some credible sources that are focused on that issues. One example is the budget – you can check out on that subject. 

The Senate is already starting budget hearings in the finance committee and they are sending the protocol for those hearings as well.  (This gets back to action item 3, if you are interested in the budget get signed up today on the TLO website and add that issue to your bills to follow or receive alerts.)

5. Share Texas Eagle Forum with your Friends

Tell everybody (okay maybe not everybody), but please spread the word to your circle of influence to sign up for our Monday emails and to be ready to take action on the behalf of this great state of TEXAS! 

Forward this email to your family and friends and they can sign up HERE for our action alert emails, the Torch (our printed newsletter) and our inspirational content. 

Thank you again for being faithful to read our updates, get engaged, and serve together on these important issues. Let’s have a great session together. 

Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

January 2019 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

It’s here! The 86th Texas Legislature is in session, and your Texas Eagle Forum has been working behind the scenes to defend our God-honoring principles. We will be working on an agenda that includes property tax reform, stiffer penalties for sex traffickers, religious liberties, immigration and the border issue, ERA, our electrical grid, and protecting the unborn. There will be opportunities to rally people in your circles of influence to call or visit their legislators, testify on issues of concern…

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The Torch – January 2019

For over a century, America has been on a slippery slope “slouching towards Gomorrah.” It has been primarily the Supreme Court that set this deceitful course. Through a series of iniquities decrees, our federal judicial branch handed Almighty God His eviction notice. One nation under God is now in name only. The substance has been removed by judicial fiat…

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December 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

One of my favorite Christmas songs is a relatively new song by Joy Williams entitled, Here With Us. I cannot listen to that song without being deeply moved and reminded of Who we celebrate and what this holiday season truly signifies. We are so blessed as individuals, as a nation, and, most assuredly, as believers in Jesus Christ…

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The Torch – November 2018

The title of this year’s Eagle Council, held in Washington, D.C. September 27–30, was “Proud to be an American: Embracing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Sixteen Texans were among Eagles from all over the country who attended the conference. Washington was abuzz with the Kavanaugh hearings on Capitol Hill, and the Eagle Council meetings reflected the culture and spiritual war we are in today…

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November 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving! After what seemed like a never-ending election season, it is good to finally know the outcome. We had some hard losses—too many in fact—but we at Texas Eagle Forum will continue our mission to stand strong, hold the line for conservative values, and work to ensure hope and liberty in Texas. We can now say farewell to months of debate, social media temper tantrums, and even physical attacks on conservatives, and look to the future. We need leaders of industry, education, media, and especially the church, who are willing to speak truth…

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Early Voting Is Oct. 22 – Nov. 2


Today starts early voting in one of the most critical election cycles we have seen.  You know this matters and you know that you have a voice through your vote.  What a privilege to live in a nation that though she may have her faults, America is still the longest running successful experiment of a constitutional republic in history! Not to mention we have the blessing of living in the great STATE OF TEXAS! 

Get out and vote to keep this country and this state solid and strong!

PRAY: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Ask God to protect all those working on campaigns and volunteering, for the candidates and their families on both sides.

Take 10 to Win:

Please reach out to at least ten friends or family to make sure they vote, someone may need a ride or may need your input.  If all of us took that opportunity we would see a significant increase in voter turnout.

Who represents you?

Location Location Location

Not sure where to vote, go to your county website and they should have an entire section or page with all the information you will need.  During early voting you may vote in a number of locations, however, on election day you do have an assigned voting location that corresponds with your precinct number located on your voter i.d.

Other sources:

Voting Dates & Times:
Early Voting
Monday, October 22, 2018 – Friday, November 2, 2018
*7:00 A.M. – 7:00 p.m.
Election Day
Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
*7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

This is an excellent resource for those that want to look at all candidates in particular races and see where they stand on the issues.


U.S. Senate:

Ted Cruz


CD1: Louie Gohmert

CD3: Van Taylor

CD6: Ron Wright

CD14: Randy Weber

CD16: Rick Seeberger

CD21: Chip Roy

CD24: Kenny Marchant

CD25: Roger Williams

CD26: Michael Burgess

CD27: Michael Cloud

CD33: Willie Billups

State Wide Offices:

Governor: Greg Abbott

Lt. Governor:  Dan Patrick

Attorney General:  Ken Paxton

Comptroller: Glenn Heger

Railroad Commissioner: Cristy Craddock

Agriculture Commissioner: Sid Miller

Texas Senate:

SD 2: Bob Hall

SD 5: Charles Schwertner

SD 7: Paul Bettencourt

SD 8:  Angela Paxton

SD 9: Kelly Hancock

SD10: Konni Burton

SD 16: Don Huffines

SD 17: Joan Huffman

SD 25: Donna Campbell

SD 30: Pat Fallon

Texas House:

HD 5: Cole Hefner

HD 6: Matt Schaefer

HD 15: Steve Toth

HD 21: Dade Phelan

HD 23: Mayes Middleton

HD 60: Mike Lang

HD 61: Phil King

HD 65: Ron Simmons

HD 66: Matt Shaheen

HD 67: Jeff Leach

HD 70: Scott Sanford

HD 73: Kyle Biedermann

HD 83: Dustin Burrows

HD 89: Candy Noble

HD 91: Stephanie Klick

HD 92: Jonathan Stickland

HD 93: Matt Krause

HD 94: Tony Tinderholt

HD 96: Bill Zedler

HD 97: Craig Goldman

HD 106: Jared Patterson

HD 107: Deanna Metzger

HD 108: Morgan Meyer

HD 113: Jonathan Boos

HD 114: Lisa Luby Ryan

HD115: Matt Rinaldi

HD128: Briscoe Cain

HD130: Tom Oliverson

HD132: Mike Schofield

HD 150: Valoree Swanson

Judicial Seats:

Supreme Court of Texas, Position 2: Jimmy Blacklock

Supreme Court of Texas Position 4:- John Devine

Supreme Court of Texas Position 6: Jeff Brown

Court of Criminals Appeals, Place 8: Michelle Slaughter

1st Court of Appeals, Place 8: Michael Massengale

2nd Court of Appeals, Place 5: Dabney Bassel

3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6: Mike Toth

5th Court of Appeals, Place 11: John Browning

5th Court of Appeals, Place 12: Jim Pikl

14th Court of Appeals, Place 3: Brett Busby

219th District Court: Jennifer Edgeworth

323rd District Court: Alex Kim


Collin County Judge: Chris Hill

Dallas District 2: J.J. Koch

Harris County Civil Court at Law #2: Erin Swanson

Tarrant County District Attorney: Sharen Wilson

Dallas County District Attorney: Faith Johnson

Dallas County Judge: Brian Hutcheson

Dallas Sheriff – Aaron Meeks


For a list of candidates in your county:

It is best to vote straight ticket if you are unsure or unfamiliar with the candidate. Chances are you align more with the candidate you may not have had time to research. While leaving that box blank is giving that vote away.

Voting Dates & Times:
Early Voting
Monday, October 22, 2018 – Friday, November 2, 2018
*7:00 A.M. – 7:00 p.m.
Election Day
Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
*7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

October 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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The Torch – October 2018

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September 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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The Torch – September 2018

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The Torch – Summer 2018

Texas ranks second in the nation for human trafficking; California is first. Texas alone has over 300,000 human trafficking victims; nearly 80,000 of them are children, and 80 percent are targeted in the foster care system. To raise awareness about this modern-day slavery, Texas Eagle Forum held an event in Irving on June 28th, entitled, “Be the One.” We invited organizations who are raising awareness about those who are enslaved, as well as groups concerned about this issue…

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Summer 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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The Torch – May 2018

A powerful new movie, “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” depicts the horrific persecution to which the early Christians were subjected. It closes with a dedication to those who are currently suffering for their faith. It almost certainly would come as a shock to most in the audience that—according to Open Doors USA, one of the leading organizations working to reduce such suffering…

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May 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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April 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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The Torch – April 2018

Last January, Governor Greg Abbott unveiled a plan to “rein in skyrocketing property taxes” in Texas, looking to lay down a marker in a debate that dominated the legislative sessions last year and promises to remain front and center through the 2018 primaries and his re-election campaign. Abbott said, “Texans are fed up with property taxes being raised with impunity. They are tired of endless government spending while honest, hard-working people struggle just to keep up with paying their tax bills.” He expressed confidence that public sentiment will force lawmakers to act. “Frankly, I think it will be easy to get it through both the House and Senate,” said Abbott. “Every member of the House is running for election right now … [and] is hearing they need to do something to constrain property taxes in Texas, and so I know when everyone comes back to the Capitol, they understand they have to do something.” Gov. Abbott’s 2018 property tax reform recommendations…

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Election Day Precinct Conventions

CAIR Resolution:

Download CAIR Resolution PDF

TADA Repeal Resolution:

Download TADA Repeal Resolution PDF

PreNDA Resolution:

Download PreNDA Resolution PDF

Fiscal Risk Commission Resolution:

Download Fiscal Risk Commission Resolution PDF

March 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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The Torch – March 2018

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The Torch – February 2018

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February 2018 – From The Desk Of Trayce Bradford

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