February 2020 President’s Letter

Dear Eagles,

As you will read in this month’s Torch, the issues we face in the arena of elections are heavy. A population not educated to read and think for themselves hardly understands our founding principles and the ideals that have allowed our nation to endure.

Election fraud appears to be frighteningly real. My first reaction upon understanding the issue was to be deeply disheartened; but, I soon realized that we can rally our friends on this issue. The demand for a fair outcome from our elections runs deep in our veins: so many Americans have sacrificed and given their lives for our right to select our leaders. Our Founders’ ideals are under attack on all fronts, and being able to elect like-minded people to office must be an option if we are going to have a chance to win our battles of ideas.

Please commit to watch Kevin Freeman’s “Episode #70” video (economicwarroom.com). You will not regret it, and we promise you will be glued to the screen.

What can we do about election fraud? We can spread the word and get others talking about it. We can compel our elected officials to watch the video (this is where building a relationship pays off!). We can commit to vote on the day of an election and avoid early voting, unless there is no other option. We can stand up for hand counts of paper ballots.

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