Analysis of HB19

This bill is the Non-Physician Mental Health Professional language that was also embedded in the original SB11, Committee Sub for HB17, and probably other bills.

It allows Local Mental Health Authorities to hire non-physician MH professionals to work with schools.

  • School Districts don’t have to access these services.
  • The non-physician MH professionals may not treat or advise on treatment of individual children.

Because the main functions of the non-physician mental health professional appear to be related to advancing agendas, and creating awareness, it isn’t clear why we even need this bill. Schools already have mental health activities.

Our position:

  • This sounds like a PR and marketing activity for mental health services.
  • While suicide prevention is desirable, it seems as though this position simply ramps up the status quo.  The status quo is, at the least, ineffective.
  • We’d rather see the money spent doing a detailed investigation of our state’s suicide prevention activities to determine why, after investing millions of dollars and training tens of thousands of school personnel, these programs have not reduced teen suicides. In fact, they are going up.

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