March 2020 President’s Letter

Dear Eagles,

We certainly are not living in boring times! On the national front, President Donald Trump continues to hold mega-rallies around the country as he seeks a second term, while the Democratic candidates have been whittled down to just two. Will Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders be pushed out of the nomination by a more “moderate” Joe Biden? Thankfully, the drama is all on the Democrat’s side!

In Texas, with Super Tuesday behind us, we hope many of you are preparing to attend your Senatorial Convention, serving on committees, and asking to be a delegate to the Republican State Convention in Houston, May 14–16.

If you missed taking our suggested resolutions to your precinct convention, you can still take them to your county or SD convention. They are posted on our website:, as well as our website under testing:

Continue reading by downloading the President’s Letter below.

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