Summary of Several Major Concerns with Mental Health Legislation Push in Texas

We started the 86th Texas Legislative Session to work on our usual issues – religious liberty, free speech, parental rights, education, life, national security, human trafficking, and foster care reform.

By February we knew our entire legislative session would be side-tracked by an issue that impacts most of the above mental health.

Here’s why you should be concerned:

Bills like SB10 and SB11 started coming to the forefront, promising school safety, yet threatening family security. By March, dozens and dozens of mental health bills had been filed. We began finding familiar words from our work on foster care, education and the sex-Ed issue. Words like “social-emotional learning”, “adverse childhood experiences”, “healthy relationships”, “trauma-informed care” – all controversial and without consensus even among professionals.

Why are these words in mental health bills and now programs being mandated for K-12?

We understand some people have serious mental health problems. While improvements in mental health must always be considered, we believe existing laws and programs are sufficient to support those.

What are we doing creating an expansive government bureaucracy?

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