The Top 5 – April 15, 2019

1.   We need to say “No” on the Mental Health Bills that will be voted on MONDAY on the HOUSE FLOOR. 

Please call your legislators this morning and tell them to vote No to these three bills – HB10, HB18 and HJR 5. 

In spite of the wonderful job you’ve done, HB10- MH research institute, HJR 5- to fund the institute, and HB18- creating a framework for mental health in our schools are going to the House Floor for a vote on Monday. We need you to call your legislator and urge him or her to vote no on HB10, HB18, and HJR5. For all the information download this document here.   We have definite concerns about big government in encroaching in on not just parents’ rights but parent-child relationships. Conservatives shouldn’t want intrusive government period but especially not in the area of mental health!

2. Save Chick-fil Day 4/17 and Religious Freedom Bills#SaveChickfila Day on 4/17. Don’t miss it. Get all the details here at! Please share. 

Also we want to  support HB 3172 (the First Amendment Defense Act by Matt Krause) and HB 1035 (Free to Believe Act by Zedler). Both of these bills will do a number of things to protect religious freedom, but more specifically, both bills would stop local governments, like San Antonio, from denying contracts because of a religious belief on marriage. Call your legislators in support of both of these bills. 

While you are calling in support of these bills – let them know we oppose HB 244 – because it  criminalizes religious freedom and rights of conscience. 

3. Join us at the Property Tax Rally THIS TUESDAY, April 16th

We have to have meaningful property tax reform and so far in the session that has not happened. We have to communicate to our leaders that this is one of the main reasons why we elected Republicans. See all the information here on the Austin Rally and for those of you in North Texas, here is information about a rally there.

“Property taxes are nothing more than rent to the government, it’s time to stop that skyrocketing rent to the government for our own homes!” Rep. Mayes Middleton

4. More Resources to Prosecute more TraffickersThis last week I was blessed to attend an event that was an incredible blessing. For nearly two decades Sower of Seeds has been working in the worst trafficking hub in the world. They have taught many of us about this issue years ago before anyone even knew trafficking was an issue what was really happening, They brought the wicked ugly truth to our peaceful, safe environment and once we saw what was happening we could not turn away.  

Over the years I am so grateful many others have joined the fight but SOS will always hold a special place in my heart for their tireless work that they are expanding even now around the world. They are answering the call to fight on the front lines an unspeakable evil.  See what they are all about for yourself here
 As I sat in the audience and listened I thought back to last Monday to a bill I signed in on and wrote testimony for, HB3979 Leach and SB1257 Huffman.  These pieces of legislation would provide more resources for prosecuting more of traffickers. It would give concurrent jurisdiction to the OAG to help prosecute those who sell their fellow human beings.  We need to let legislators know we want to see more resources applied in this area. Here is my testimony from the hearing. While I was there testifying, I met a young woman that had been trafficked by her family.  Her testimony is powerful and speaks to the need to bring justices to the criminals and bring peace to the victims. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT AND LISTEN TO JODY WOOD’S TESTIMONY here – it starts at 5:33:49-5:36:53. Please let your legislators know we want to see HB3979 Leach and SB1257 Huffman passed. 
5. Voter Integrity – SB9 needs to move quickly. Call to support it. 
It won’t really matter if we get it right on other issues if we cannot take the due diligence to keep our voter records clean and untainted.  This really should be non-partisan and sail through on both sides.  The requests of these bills are prudent and much needed.  Please call or reach out to each of Senators as well as any others you have time to encourage that this is a must for our state: Requires that all voting systems have a voter verifiable paper audit trail and helps counties that have recently purchased systems without that component pay to retrofit their machines.

  • votes cast in a precinct exceeds the number of registered voters in that precinct. Uses the paper trail to conduct ongoing, randomized audits statewide to confirm that electronic systems are recording votes as voted. This program would begin as a pilot program for audits but go statewide once all paper systems are in place.
  • Allows law enforcement to conduct operations and investigations during elections to check for vulnerabilities in the electoral system or process.
  • Prohibits pre-checking boxes to affirm eligibility to register, like citizenship, on mass-mailed voter registration cards.
  • Requires those assisting curbside voters to provide more information about the nature of their relationship to the voter and the reason for assistance.
  • Requires those assisting other voters in the polling place to provide basic information including their name and relationship to the voter.
  • Requires those who seek to vote by an absentee ballot by mail due to a disability to affirmatively indicate that they meet the definition of “disabled” under the code, not merely check a box that makes a conclusory statement that they are disabled.
  • Provides avenue for redress and civil penalties for election fraud that can be enforced by a candidate who has been harmed by the fraud.
  • Makes sure we are actually participating in the interstate crosscheck system to clean and maintain our voters rolls as previously directed by the legislature.
  • Requires an automatic recount if/when the total number of votes cast in a precinct exceeds the number of registered voters in that precinct. 

Bonus – Please call in support of PRNDA HB2434 by Rep. Schaefer which has a hearing on Wed. 4/17 as well. Please sign in for this bill if you are able to be in Austin! 

The official description of this bill: Relating to information regarding perinatal palliative care and prohibiting discriminatory abortions; creating an administrative penalty, a civil remedy, and a criminal offense.
We are at the saturation point of the session, but this is the most important moment.

Let’s all get engaged. Thank you. 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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