The Top 5 – April 29, 2019

First of all, please continue to pray for the family and friends of our Dallas GOP chairwoman, Missy Shorey, who passed away suddenly last Thursday. She will be greatly missed by all. She was an example of a woman who wasn’t afraid to take risks, speak on the issues of the day, and promote our values. Let’s all continue to be bold during this very important season in our nation. 

1.   Stand up with us against Anti-Semitism 

We were all shocked as another Jewish synagogue, this time in California, was attacked this Saturday on the last day of Passover. Please pray for the victims of this attack and their families. You can read about the attack here

Bunni Pounds, our TEF consultant, was on Point of View radio just two days before the attack to talk about the rise of anti-Semitism in our nation and how now more than ever Christians need to be on guard and stand up for Israel with our Jewish brothers and sisters. You can watch/listen to her interview here (it is the first 30 minutes of the program with Kerby Anderson). 

If you want to learn about how to engage in Pro-Israel politics, let me know and I will connect you. 

2. Call again on Senate Bill 11 – Intrusive Threat Assessment teamsWE NEED PEOPLE TO CALL AGAIN!  This was put back on the Intent Calendar and if we can get enough calls in, we might be able to get it pulled from the intent calendar. 

Senate Bill 11 which mixes needed school safety provisions with non-physician mental health professionals and intrusive Threat Assessment Teams that ask highly personal and incriminating questions has to be stopped. 

Here are the main problems with the current version of SB11: 

·        Puts new mandates on local school districts.

·        Puts non-physician mental health professionals in our schools to create “awareness” of mental illness and push agendas. Allows Texas Education Agency to name its own initiatives.

·        Mandates school Threat Assessment Teams. Threat Assessment Teams are charged with identifying children at risk, asking touchy-feely questions.

·        According to the Texas School Safety Center, many of the solutions to children who may become dangerous involve mental health services.

·        Mental health services did not stop Devin Patrick Kelley (Sutherland Springs), Kendrex White (UT stabbing), James Holmes (Aurora, Co.), Eric Harris (Columbine).

·        Protects the “psychological safety” of kids but doesn’t define it.

·        Threat Assessment Teams address a number of mental health components. 

3. Call your legislators to protect children & support HB 3135Call your legislators to support HB 3135 by Rep. Cain  – Presently exemptions exist in the Texas Penal Code for “educational” purposes.  This allows children to be exposed to porno/obscenity and allows soliciting a child into sexual conduct (Sections 43.24 and 43.25).  HB 3135 gets rid of the exemptions in the Texas Penal Code for “educational” purposes.  A hearing on HB 3135 was held last week, and the bill was left pending in the House committee. If it doesn’t pass out of committee next week, HB 3135 will die.  If a neighbor showed your child pornography or solicited your child into sexual performance, you’d call the police. If it is done for “educational” or other purposes, an affirmative defense to prosecution can be claimed under the present wording in the Texas Penal Code! This means that a person could harm a child and get away with it. This is outrageous! Your voice is needed now! ACTION: Please Act Now to Protect Children.. TO READ HB 3135:

4. We Want a Say on our Property Tax Burden Poll: 66% of Texans Want Much Bigger Say on Property Tax Burden – Read about this poll here.

Let’s keep calling our House members and telling them we want meaningful property tax reform – period. Don’t give up! 
5. Sri Lanka Christian Attacks – Get Updated. 
“Multiple bombs were detonated last Sunday — Easter Sunday — in the island nation of Sri Lanka. Christian churches and international hotels were targeted, and more than 250 people were killed.

Also in recent days, the Islamist president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, was pushed out of power and then locked in prison after 30 years of dictatorial rule.”  Listen to this special episode of VOM radio. 

We will have a few more special announcements today and in the days to come, so be on the look out. 

Keep praying and moving, 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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