The Top 5 – February 11, 2019

The New Green Deal, the State of the Union, the State of the State and why we need to dig into what is really going on… Our top 5 for this week.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) were joined by Democratic lawmakers from both the House and Senate on February 7, 2019, to introduce Green New Deal legislation.

The Top 5 – February 11, 2019
This last week brought us a number of presentations from the State of the Union (SOTU) by President Trump to the State of the State (SOTS) by Governor Abbott, and lest we forget the unforgettable debut of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from NY presenting her New Green Deal. Each of these items are important not just for what they say but also what is missing. We have to listen closely and look closely.

Committees are up and running in Austin. The big news from last week was the hearings in the Senate by the first ever Property Tax Committee regarding that very thing – property tax reform. (SB2 and HB2 are identical bills). Citizens want to see relief above and beyond just reform. As home values go up, tax rates NEED to go down, not the other way around. The turnout by citizens’ participating last week was better than year’s past. I heard from one source that these hearings usually consist of tax-funded lobbyists and a few, if any citizens. This is a good sign that people are paying attention, caring about the issue, and showing up. We will need your voice when this comes up in the Texas House as well!

Bills are being filed and we want to keep an eye out on all the mental health bills. This is a an emergency issue on the Governor’s list and one we must be diligent to monitor. We are working with a team of folks to comb through this legislation. We will keep you all informed on next steps.

Here are some preparations and activities for this week of February 11th. From my family to yours – Happy Valentines Day!

1. Get your bills and issues on your alert list now.

The pace this session will pick up so please take some time now to get bills on the issues you are following on your alert list here.

2. Items to review – SOTU, SOTS, and AOC’s NGP

Please take a few minutes to look over the following items.

President Trump’s SOTU transcript
Governor Abbott’s SOTS transcript
Here is what the Governor listed as emergency items:

School finance
Teachers pay
Mental health
Property tax reform
Disaster relief

We agree with Governor Abbott listing school finance and property taxes as emergency items as well the other items, but what about the life issue. With states like NY and NM passing laws that allow the killing of babies that have been born alive, we hope we will hear from our governor on what Texas is doing to make sure this does not happen here. We also are not hearing from him on our broken immigration system. We know that focusing on caravans are the media’s way of controlling a narrative, but for those of us following what happens to daily along the border, are already familiar with the number of illegals crossing into our state.

Also please read about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new green deal that she put forth this week. This is extremely troubling from one of the women in white at the State of the Union.

I am including the article on this Congresswoman’s ludicrous blathering because lately, I have been more than stunned at what people will support. Just as soon as it came out every Democrat Presidential Candidate came out in support of it. I had to wonder – have they read this thing? Some of our own Democrats in the Texas Legislature are supporting her as well, which is troubling. When you put her NGD together with her behavior, I have to wonder, how does anyone support this woman? Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez sat through the President’s speech where he is lauding our officers that had captured human traffickers and didn’t even clap. When he talked about our lowest unemployment in decades, nothing from her. And she sat on her hands as the President spoke of protecting the most vulnerable of us all, babies, and being a culture of life. Isn’t that what this New Green Deal of hers is all about – making life better for everybody? I guess not.

3. Updates on Property Tax Relief

If you want to get an idea of what was happening at the property tax hearing, listed below are several clips and analysis of the bills. If you are a homeowner, be sure and add SB2/HB2 to your Texas Legislative Online (TLO)list to follow the bills. We need you to weigh in when the House committee meets soon. Be sure and follow some sources that are focusing on this and school finance – be sure and follow some sources that are focusing on this, Appraisal Districts and school finance – reforming Robin Hood.”

Chairman Bettencourt opens SB2 Hearings

HB1333 by Rep. Matt Krause – Appraisal District Reform

SB689 by Senator Angela Paxton – Relating to the repeal of provisions requiring school districts to reduce their wealth per student to the equalized wealth level.

Texas Public Policy on Robin Hood

Vance Ginn and team – State of the State recap and SB2 recap

Conservative Texas Budget

4. A Response to Governor Ralph Northam

This is a wonderful response to the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam by Benjamin Watson. The Governor was whining about people calling him out for his support of a heinous bill filed that would allow abortion even when a mother is in labor. Unbelievable.

5. Continued Prayer for our Legislators

Remember to PRAY for all of the families of legislators, state leaders and staff. They make a sacrifice during session and it is important that we can keep these families in our prayers. Pray for health, provision, mercy, rest, protection, joy and support.

Thank you for your support of TEXAS EAGLE FORUM.

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Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

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