The Top 5 – February 25, 2019

Lt. Col. Allen West will be with us at Faith & Family Day. SB2 (Property Tax Reform) gets a hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Mayes Middleton leads charge to get rid of Taxpayer Funded Lobbying, and Gun Rights and the Pro-life issue should continue to be watched by all.

Our top 5 for this week. Please make some calls and join the action.

I am going to start today with comments from Michael Openshaw, one of the most reliable front line citizen activists that we have in our state and who just happens to be spending time in Austin this legislative session. Thank you, Michael.

“Beleaguered Property Owners! We need your voices IN Austin Wednesday, Feb 27th 8am! This is when the taxpayer-funded lobbyists and many of YOUR local officials will show up to say the voters should NOT be in control of rising tax bills! If you aren’t there, your voice won’t be heard!


1.   SB2 (Property Tax Reform) hearing this Wednesday in Austin. 

Here is what you can do:

  • Go to Austin as a citizen and testify.
  • Go to Austin and sign in for SB2, but do not testify just be there in support and visit offices of legislators to share your concerns.

2. Support HB281 – the Taxpayer Funded Lobbyist Ban Bill

While you are in Austin on Wednesday or making calls on #1, please tell your representatives to support HB281 to stop taxpayer funded lobbying. Thank you to former Senator Konni Burton for all her work on this last session. Now new State Representative Mayes Middleton who is wasting no time getting down to business is leading the charge. It will be heard in the House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday as well. Here is an article about the bill. 

3. Gun Rights – HB238 and HB357

If you are interested in Gun Rights, there are several we are keeping an eye on during this session and specifically this week.  Rep. Matt Krause has HB238, which will be heard in the Homeland Security and Public Safety bill on Wednesday! HB 238 relating to the enforcement of certain federal laws regulating firearms, firearm accessories, and firearm ammunition with in the State of Texas.

Here is some helpful information regarding HB238 and what you can do from: 
Rachel Malone from Gun Owners of America. 

“Hey Texas, ever wish our state and local governments could be kept from enforcing federal gun regulations that aren’t anywhere in our state laws?

HB 238 by Rep. Matt Krause would take care of that, and it’s up for a hearing in the Texas House next Wednesday (2/27).

Want to help?

1. Ask your state rep to co-author HB 238 (call their Capitol office; you’ll talk with their staff)

2. Attend the hearing in Austin Wednesday morning

3. Watch the livestream


Bill info:

Bill text:

Hearing info:

Texas House livestream page:

Find your rep’s Capitol office number:”

Also keep an eye out for movement on HB357 – Constitutional Carry.  No Hearing date as of yet, but word is it could come sooner rather than later.  If you would like to be updated by those working closely on this issue check out this public Facebook page, Testify for Constitutional Carry (HB 357).

Bill information can be found on Texas Legislative Online TLO (I know most of you are becoming proficient at the TLO site 🙂  I again encourage you to sign up at:

I am sharing this for those of you who want to follow the progress of the bill and who authors or co-authors the legislation.You are able to read the language of the bill as well as follow who testifies for or against it when it has a hearing.  That is why I keep encouraging you to get signed up and rolling on the TLO. We may hold a quick training on some of these tools via a facebook live or call/webinar soon. 

Bunni Pounds, former Congressional candidate and TEF consultant, wrote a blog this last week called A Time to Weep on how our hearts get callous toward this issue and how we need to seek God to give us fresh eyes in our fight for the unborn.  I encourage you to read it here.

4. Life – Waiting but Staying Educated

Life – As we wait for the pro-life legislation to be moved in the 86th session, let us be clear what we are fighting for and what has been happening in our nation.   If we, as a nation, have so seared our hearts, minds and souls to the heinousness of killing a child than we, as a nation, will reap the consequences.  We must be a voice and be vigilant on life.

Check out the January addition of the Torch here on the Life issue here.

Here are also some incredible articles by Lifenews.

Article #1 – Senator Tim Kaine may oppose bill to stop infanticide because it protects a fetus who survives abortion. 

Article #2 – Planned Parenthood President: We Kill Babies because we “believe in life. We are being pro-life.”

Please consider financially supporting us at Texas Eagle Forum during this important legislative session. We know what we are doing together will make a difference for our state and our nation. 

Article #3 – Vermont House Approves Bill to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth “Baby shall not have Independent Rights under Law.” 

Article #4 – 12,000 Viable Unborn Babies are killed in Late Term Abortions Every Year

Article #5 – Watch: Activist Defends Infanticide: No Different than Abortion Because “Nothing Changes During Birth

5. Lt. Col. Allen West will be speaking at Faith and Family Day on March 13th

Come to Faith & Family Day this year with us. WE will be standing up together for our Christian values together in Austin. It is a fun, informative, and rewarding day as Texas Eagle Forum joins together with other organizations to lobby our legislators. Check out the schedule here on the website and register today. Here is the Facebook event to join and share as well.

Please consider financially supporting us at Texas Eagle Forum during this important legislative session. We know what we are doing together will make a difference for our state and our nation. 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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