The Top 5 – February 4, 2019

Time for the Top 5 action steps for this week. Property Tax relief and more…

I was in Austin again last week accompanied by Cindi Castilla, Dallas Eagle Forum President. We were able to meet with several legislators and their staff. It was a blessing to have Cindi along. Thank you for those praying for us. 

Here is our list for the week. 

1. PRAY for all committee chairs in the House and the Senate

At this point, things look better than they have in the last few sessions.  The early committee assignments bode well for a session that is on time and hopefully one that gives legislation the opportunity to go through the process. We shall see.

Please, as always, be praying for our legislators, statewide leaders, their staffs and most importantly their families.  This week we are asking for prayer to be focused on all committee chairs. 

Here is the list of the Texas House Committee Chairs.

Here is the list of the Texas Senate Committee Chairs with one change that Senator Bob Hall has replaced Senator Seliger as AG Chair. 

2.  Be Educated on the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in New York

I am sure many of you, like me, were devastated and disgusted by the glee with which New York and its governor celebrated the passing of a law that now allows abortions up to birth.  Read that again, up to birth.  

Did you know that the RHA removes legal protections that once ensured that viable babies who survived abortion would be given medical treatment?

The RHA says that certain non-physicians can now commit abortions in New York. What happened to giving women the very best medical care for their abortions?  Are we seeing a return to those back alley abortions that we heard about so many years ago? Wasn’t the pro-death (they have earned this title as far as I am concerned) side always blaming those that are pro-life for putting women at risk?

For more information on that law that is actually legal in several other states, they just decided not to celebrate it, please see the information below.  This matters because their eyes are set on Texas and we need to know how to engage in discussions with both our legislators and our circle of influence.  

Some facts about the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) here
Pro-Life Essentials Facts You Should Know Regarding Abortion 
3. Property Tax Relief

Please pay attention to the Property Tax relief debate going on in Austin and call your legislators with your opinions. Here are some tools and resources that we find helpful. We have to work together to find real solutions. 

HB 2 was filed on 1/31 in the Texas House but has not yet been assigned to a committee.

The Texas Senate will have a hearing this Wednesday 2/6 in the Property Tax Committee with Chairman Bettencourt. Here is the alert on the hearing with all the information. Get educated and consider coming down to testify. We are here to help you. 

Frisco Mayor Calls Property Tax Reform Nonsense
Vance Ginn Economics Blog or Facebook page
Texas Public Policy Statement on the bills
SB2 Bill
HB2 Bill
Conservative Texas Budget
TPPF on the Conservative Texas Budget

4. Prepping for the Session. Are you a Prepper?

Please make sure you sign up on Texas Legislative Online.
You can search and track the pieces of legislation you are most interested in! 

Have you asked others to sign up for the Top Five?  Have you signed up for our newsletter, The Torch, that is mailed each month? You can do that at:

You may want to read or engage with one the pages or groups we recommend on this Top Five, such as Vance Ginn Economics FB page.  TEF receives nothing from referring you to any of these groups except the satisfaction of knowing we are connecting people to the information and groups they will benefit from. We want you to be able to be comfortable in engaging at all levels of the governmental process.

5. Texas Faith and Family Day – March 13, 2019

Many of you may have already heard of the “Ban the Bible” legislation that has been filed. Texas Values has listed the bills to be watching and what concerns there are with those pieces of legislation here.

Please don’t just read these articles but get engaged!  Join us and be a voice for life, liberty and property!  We hope to see each of you down in Austin. Bring some friends! Let’s show the leaders in Austin that people of faith are voters with a voice and the convictions to work hard to make sure Texas is a place that welcomes diversity and cherishes faith and family! 

Here is the Facebook event to join.  and the website with all of the information. See you then. 
Thanks for joining with us. 

Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

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