The Top 5 – January 21, 2019

Greetings Eagles!

First of all – Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Let’s pause for a moment to remember what a great man of God he was and how he impacted our country for good. Thankful for his life. 

Well, the Texas Legislative Session is underway. Senate committees have been assigned and it looks like the House committees will be close behind. 

This session will have a strong focus on property tax reform and school finance reform – including an increase in teacher’s pay according to the statements made by Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick last week at their inaugurations. We are hopeful we will also see the security grid issue addressed, as well as a several other items that liberty loving patriots are interested in. 

Each Monday we will bring you at least five action items for that week.  As the session progresses these items will become much more specific and more time sensitive.

Let’s get started for the week of January 21st:

1.   Contact your State Senator and State Representative

If you have not already done so, it’s a great idea to reach out to both your state senator and your state representative.  If you don’t know who represents you in Austin, click here.  Introduce yourself via email, personal card, phone call or office visit locally or if you are in Austin stop by their office there. Introduce yourself to their staff. Texas Eagle Forum suggests doing this even if you are on different sides of issues or even parties. This helps them know they are being held accountable but also gives them an idea of those that are engaged and care about what happens in their district and their state.

2.   Pray for your Legislators

The Texas Legislature only meets bi-annually, so they have a lot to get done and accomplish. Pray for each of them, their families and their staff.  Here is a place to get scripture and ideas for praying for your leaders.

3. Get Set Up on Texas Legislature Online

This is the most important website for the legislative session:

You can find information you need regarding the legislators that represent you, what legislation they are authoring or working on, and the legislation you want to learn more about. You can also sign up to follow bills as they progress (or not). There are maps of the capitol which can be quite helpful for visitors to the capitol as well as information on the process of a bill through the Texas legislature.  I love the feature that alerts me to any new movement of bills I am watching. Create an account and join us for the fun. 

4. Look Over Legislation that Interests You

This is so important – please take the time to look over the legislation that interests you, that you want to follow, work on, and share.  It is so important for you to know what is in that bill and not look to the media or others on social media to provide that information.  Many times misinformation gets spread and we end up fighting a fight over an issue that never needed to happen.  Sometimes this is intentional by those trying to kill legislation but sometimes it comes from “friends” that are passing along information that is incorrect.  If you have questions. ask someone in your legislator’s office or look to some credible sources that are focused on that issues. One example is the budget – you can check out on that subject. 

The Senate is already starting budget hearings in the finance committee and they are sending the protocol for those hearings as well.  (This gets back to action item 3, if you are interested in the budget get signed up today on the TLO website and add that issue to your bills to follow or receive alerts.)

5. Share Texas Eagle Forum with your Friends

Tell everybody (okay maybe not everybody), but please spread the word to your circle of influence to sign up for our Monday emails and to be ready to take action on the behalf of this great state of TEXAS! 

Forward this email to your family and friends and they can sign up HERE for our action alert emails, the Torch (our printed newsletter) and our inspirational content. 

Thank you again for being faithful to read our updates, get engaged, and serve together on these important issues. Let’s have a great session together. 

Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

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