The Top 5 – January 28, 2019

This week, I made a trip down to Austin and met with our legislators around their offices – meeting about the issues where we all want to see change this session. I love looking at the Texas Capitol and realizing that we are making a difference in this place together. Our team has been down to Austin every week – th last three weeks. 

Here are the items that we want you to pay attention to this week.

1. Attacks on Religious Freedom and Free Speech

Keep your eyes and ears open for attacks on religious freedom and free speech. There are several bills filed in the Texas Legislature that we are watching closely concerning religious freedom for small business owners, charitable organizations, and contractors with the state. Here is a great video by CBN on this issue.

2. Conservative Texas Budget Priorities

Texas Eagle Forum signed on to a press release from the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition back last September and we will be speaking up about the budget all during this session.

The statement says – “Today at the Texas Capitol, the Conservative Texas Budget Coalition announced its top priorities including limiting any spending growth to population growth plus inflation. For the 2020-21 budget year that would be an all funds appropriation of $234.1 billion.
Other budget priorities include: approve conservative spending limits, provide local property tax relief, abolish the business margins tax, adopt a tax relief fund, and secure budget transparency and accountability.”

My comment was this: “We understand that one of the hallmarks of liberty is the freedom to steward our finances, which we expect elected officials to pass a budget that vigilantly manages our resources. The Texas Eagle Forum is a group based on faith and strong families that is encouraging legislators to practically spend on essential items while boldly cutting expenses on ineffective programs.”

You can read the full statement here. 

Call your legislators and tell them that you want your property taxes lowered and that you want them to consider the Texas Public Policy Foundation Plan. You can read about it here and calculate your savings. 

3. Texas House Committee Assignments

Committees were assigned this week on the House side which means the real work now begins. Check out the House committees here and see how you can speak into your legislators’ lives on the issues that they will be focused on every day in their committees. Remember that your legislators and their staff only have so many hours in the day so when there is an issue where you can bring your wisdom or ideas beside them, it is so helpful to push our great state forward. 

4. Prayer for our Statewide Officials

We are always going to ask you to pray for our elected officials, but today let’s focus on our statewide elected officials, like our Governor Greg Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and our Railroad Commissioners – Wayne Christian, Christi Craddick, and Ryan Sitton. 

Here is a beautiful story of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick visiting a young high school senior in McKinney, TX who is battling brain cancer. Let’s continue to pray that our statewide elected officials represent us and our values well. 

5. New York’s Latest Pro-Abortion Legislation

In closing, I wanted to share a response from my dear friend and prayer partner, Rebecca Berry, to the horrible vote taken by New York legislators last week to allow abortions up til birth. For a full view of what this law allows in New York, read this. It was devastating to watch people cheering, clapping and even lighting up the Freedom Tower to honor this soul-less vote. This response by my friend, Rebecca, is worth your time to read and please stand with us in prayer and action.“So here are my thoughts on New York’s latest abortion legislation: I see a massive opening for the church to set up houses for women and baby rescue centers. I see people holding signs in Time Square and mass advertising on jumbo screens of where these women can find love and support. Where sin abounds; grace abounds even more. This promise will be capitalized and decreed. I see dispatched angels rerouting the oppressed toward deliverance. I see churches upping their level of engagement. Squads of believers taking to the streets offering hope. Going back to creation, God said – let there be… and it was so, and life abounded, I now decree “let there be life” over New York. The abortion industry has awakened a sleeping giant. The odds are against them because in our kingdom, one can put a 1000 to flight and two can put 10,000.”We continue to stand for LIFE and Liberty. 

Trayce Bradford – President of Texas Eagle Forum

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