The Top 5 – March 25, 2019

The season is getting intense and more action every day. Please make calls to your legislators this week, come down to Austin to testify with us, and educate others. We are doing this together. We are the grassroots army!

THE TOP 5- MARCH 25, 2019

1.   Born Alive Legislation (HB 16) hearing on Monday

Please call your legislators and let them know you are in support of this important piece of legislation put forth by Rep. Jeff Leach and Senator Lois Kolkhorst that would strengthen protections for infants who survive abortion procedures. We, here at Texas Eagle Forum, support this bill wholeheartedly. Let’s do here in TEXAS what New York was not willing to do. 

2. Securing the Grid legislation hearing this week. Call your legislators and tell them to support House Bill 400 by Rep. Tony Tinderholt and the companion Senate bill by Senator Bob Hall to make sure your electric grid is secured here in Texas. If the federal government won’t do their Constitutional responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States then we here in Texas should finally do it here. The hearing on this important bill is this week, so please call.

3. The House Budget is UP this week – it is time to get serious. This Wednesday is the day that the House budget (HB1) and supplemental budget (SB500) will be on the House floor. This is usually one of the most fun and heated days of session. If you have an opportunity to watch, you should! We will be urging legislators to vote NO on HB 1 because it is above our Conservative Texas Budget limits and to vote YES on SB 500 because it is below our limits. The Texas budget is one of the most important issues each legislative session. Let your voice be heard NOW on the budget.

Here is a one pager from TPPF that compares the 2020-2021 budget figures

Here is an op-ed on the Conservative Texas budget.

Also one on Property Tax Reform and where we are in the middle of the session. 

4. End Renewable Energy Subsidies – Hearing on Monday(Taken directly from an email by the Texas Public Policy Foundation)The House Committee on State Affairs will discuss subsidies and decommissioning requirements for wind farms in a hearing Monday at 10:30 a.m. 

The Texas Legislature should end subsidies for renewable energy generators that harm the reliability of our grid and cost taxpayers billions. Tell your legislators to protect the reliability of our grid by ending subsidies for wind farms!

Here are the facts:

  • Big renewable energy companies in Texas have received $18 BILLION in subsidies.
  • Renewable energy fails to perform when we need it most, leaving generators of reliable power to make up the difference—without the subsidies.
  • Huge subsidies for renewable generators artificially force prices down, making it impossible for reliable power generators to compete.

5. Eat at Chick-Fil-A this week

The city of San Antonio didn’t approve Chick-fil-A to be in the airport because they said Chick-fil-A has a “legacy of anti-LBGTQ behavior”. Can I say, RIDICULOUS?!! Read the article here and then go eat at a Chick-fil-A this week. 

Thank you, Patriots. 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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