THE TOP 5 – MAY 20, 2019

1.   Campus Free Speech bill still alive and being tweaked

It is so important that we protect free speech on campus. Please call today on SB18.

“Leaders of several groups — including the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Environment Texas, the Texas Eagle Forum and the Texas Press Association — signed a joint letter to members of the House urging that various provisions be incorporated into SB18, including the prohibition on withdrawing invitations to speakers who have already been invited and a requirement to suspend second offenders or explain why they weren’t suspended.”

Read more here and call your legislators to support this important bill. 

2. Let’s support Rep. Mayes Middleton is keeping cities and counties from hiring lobbyists with taxpayer money. 

Call your House reps. and tell them to support SB29 in the Texas House to bar cities and counties from hiring lobbyists and this bill would also increase reporting requirements. This is so important for our state. 

3. Keep calling on the Chick-fil-A bill. The fight is not over yet. 

Call your State Representative and tell them to vote YES on the SB 1978 Chick-Fil-A bill to protect the religious liberties of all business owners to be able to give to ministries, churches, and non-profits without fear of retaliation from local governments on their businesses. 
4. Be Educated: Austin Sex Education

Austin is getting a new sex education curriculum that is concerning for TX families.  Austin ISD plans to use with all middle schoolers a Planned Parenthood program from Massachusetts entitled “Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works.” 
“Parents soon will get their first glimpses at drafts of the Austin school district’s revised sex education lessons, which for the first time will introduce topics such as sexual orientation, gender identity and sexually transmitted diseases in elementary school.”

Read the full article here.

5. 10 Day Rule Legislation Died in the House this morning, but please keep this family in your prayers. 

We have all watched the agonizing journey of Carolyn Jones as we have fought for the 10-day rule to protect human life after a hospital decides they will no longer treat a patient. Senator Bryan Hughes’ legislation passed the Senate but just died in the House today. 

Texas Right to Life helped transfer Carolyn Jones out of Memorial Hermann to a new facility after the hospital refused to issue dialysis. Read about it here. Please continue to pray for this precious family and we will start creating a movement to battle this again. We will not forget. 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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