THE TOP 5 – MAY 6, 2019

1.   Call TODAY on SB11 – “School Safety” bill to be heard in the House Public Education Committee

They will hear this bill tomorrow on Tuesday, May 7th and it Has Morphed into what we believe is a highly dangerous bill. 

 Here are some highlights: 

·         School “multi-hazard” safety plans must include provisions for looking after the “psychological safety” of a child in the response and recovery phases of an emergency.

(page 13, beginning on line 19). What is psychological safety? 

·         A systemic and coordinated multitiered support system that addresses school climate, the social and emotional domain, and behavioral and mental health.(page 20, beginning on line 17) 

·         Each threat assessment team shall: (1) conduct a threat assessment that includes:

(A)   assessing and reporting individuals who make threats of violence or exhibit harmful, threatening, or violent behavior in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted under Subsection (c); and

(Think about the 7-year-old chewing his pop tart into the shape of a gun)

(B)   gathering and analyzing data to determine the level of risk and appropriate intervention, including:

(i)                 referring a student for mental health assessment; and

(ii)                implementing an escalation procedure, if appropriate based on the team’s assessment, in accordance with district policy;

(page 22, beginning on line 1) 

·         (g) On a determination that a student or other individual poses a serious risk of violence to self or others, a team shall immediately report the team’s determination to the superintendent. If the individual is a student, the superintendent shall immediately attempt to inform the parent or person standing in parental relation to the student.      (page 22, beginning on line 19) 

It is deeply disturbing that a threat assessment team, including multiple disciplines, and possibly including multiple agencies appears to be able to assess your child, refer for mental health assessment, and only later does the bill mention parental notification.

Yes, existing statute makes clear that schools have to have parental consent before doing mental health screenings. But what about assessments? Can we have faith that “assessment” will be treated like “screening?” Will it be informed consent? 

How valid is consent when you are up against a Threat Assessment Team? 

Why should we trust this bill when so many of the documents on the School Safety Center Website are long on questions and in some cases the parents are the last to know?

This bill has morphed from being a decent bill that happened to have some dangerous language into being one of the worst bills of the session. We strongly encourage you to immediately call all House Public Education Committee offices. And plan to show up in force on Tuesday. 

We know we’re asking a lot. We know you’ve already done a lot.  But this we have to do. 

Here’s where it starts. Call these offices and ask them to vote NO on SB11: 

Dan Huberty, Chair512-463-0520Rep. Ken King(512) 463-0736
Diego Bernal, Vice512-463-0532Rep. Morgan Meyer(512) 463-0367
Rep. Alma Allen(512) 463-0744Rep. Scott Sanford(512) 463-0356
Rep. Steve Allison(512) 463-0686Rep. James Talarico(512) 463-0670
Rep. Trent Ashby(512) 463-0508Rep. Gary VanDeaver(512) 463-0692
Rep. Keith Bell(512) 463-0458  
Rep. Harold Dutton Jr.(512) 463-0510  
Rep. Mary Gonzales(512) 463-0613  

      Call Governor Abbott’s Public Opinion Line: (512) 463-1782 

If you thought it was important to show up to try to testify against SB10, read the full text of the engrossed version of SB11 here:

2. Call your Senators again on School Finance HB3 TODAY. 
It was rushed out of committee and the sales tax swap is just wrong. Texas should NOT be raising taxes. 

Only Senator Bettencourt, Senator Hall and Senator Paxton questioned this bill as it was being rushed through committee. This plan is wrong when we have a $9 billion dollar surplus. We are just spending, spending, spending this legislative session with no regard to the long term effects for our state. Americans for Tax Reform, the Heritage Foundation, and Texas Public Policy Foundation have been writing about Governor Abbott’s spending spree. Read this full email from Grassroots We the People on this bill here.  Please call your State Senator today and tell them to vote NO on HB3. 

3. We need FREE speech on college campuses. PERIOD!

Please call your legislators now on HB 2100 to protect free speech on college campuses. The conservatives are now the ones that they are attempting to shut down, ban, and silence. This can NOT be in our nation. The big deciders on this bill will be Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. They have all endorsed a weak Senate bill when it passed. But that was before the great and much stronger House bill passed.

We need to make a tremendous difference at this critical moment by reaching out to let Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick know that the House bill, HB 2100 is the better bill.

There is some real momentum behind the stronger House bill. Just as it was being debated, a leftist set off a smoke bomb to disrupt a pro-life talk at the University of Texas, Austin. The bomb caused a fire alarm and the whole building had to be evacuated. There is outrage over this, and that has helped to build support for the stronger House bill.

Here is an article concerning  HB 2100 and about the smoke bomb disruption of the pro-life talk: 

4. Protect Vulnerable Texas patients by ending the 10-day rule

From our friends at Texas Right to Life – Take action now for LIFE!  Now is our chance to END the horrible 10-Day Rule!  The Texas Senate is slated to vote soon on a bill that would repeal the anti-Life 10-day countdown forced on vulnerable hospital patients.

But the powerful medical lobby is working overtime to deceive your senators and kill this life-saving bill.  They disguise this form of involuntary euthanasia as “ending patient suffering.” 

Friend, please contact your state senator and tell him or her to stand with you and repeal the anti-Life 10-Day Rule.  No family should watch their loved ones hastened to their deaths against their will. 

5. Pray for Israel as they battle back against the recent rocket attacks from Gaza. 

Over 600 rockets have been shot, several people injured, and four people dead. Our ally in the Middle East has a strong ally in America, but continue to pray for peace in the Middle East and continue to let the White House know that we stand with Israel. 

Read the article here from Fox News. We are in the final stretch of the legislative session, but now the time to be the most vigilante. Thanks for calling and making a difference for our state. 

Trayce Bradford, President of Texas Eagle Forum

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