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13268561_1199583153385604_7958023255062457646_oWe have our current leaders and groups all over Texas. We would love for you to to contact one of our local Chapter Leaders and get plugged in today! Click on the button below for more information.

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Here are new opportunities to be a part of the Voice and Vision for Texas:

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We have a prayer team on Facebook and we also have quarterly prayer calls.

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13246361_1199535863390333_127669091565849883_oBecome a TEF District Leader

WE are really excited about this opportunity! We are looking for a contact person from each State Senate District and each State Representative’s District. We would like to train you to be point person in your local networking with other grassroot gropus so when we have action items that are directly related to that district – you can get those out to your circle of influence and push those policies to your Members. Please email us at the if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.

If you are interested in our training opportunities around the state, please let us know or check our event schedule.

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